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Photo gallery software to easily create an online photo gallery with your own photos

Free Online Gallery Software OnGal10 is a free photo gallery software with which you are able to create a professional looking photo gallery for your website. The procedure is as follows: You create a new gallery with the photo gallery software, assign a title and drag and drop the desired pictures into the gallery (the order of the pictures can be changed afterwards). If you wish, you have the possibility to write a separate title under each picture with the photo gallery software. If you press the button "Create online gallery" a finished HTML web gallery is created.

New Update

  • HTML slideshow is now mobile friendly
  • The HTML image gallery is now mobile friendly ( responsive web design)

View Examples:

Demo Example 1: HTML Image Gallery with Responsive Web Design - Mobile Friendly
Demo Example 2: HTML Slideshow (Mobile Friendly)

Photo Gallery Software
Screenshot of the Photo Gallery Software

Afterwards you have the opportunity to upload the gallery with the FTP to your webspace and set a link to the gallery from your own internet page. An unlimited number of galleries are possible with the online photo gallery software.

To put your own pictures in the right light is sometimes quite difficult, because nobody wants to show his loved ones the holiday pictures from the picture folder. Who wants to sit at the PC and click through hundreds of pictures that are not even labeled correctly? Often the pictures are then also not in the right order or they are upside down. Here it is recommended to use the free photo gallery maker, which offers great functions and allows every user the optimal picture presentation. Here the online photo gallery software helps to create beautiful online galleries.

Free Photo Gallery Software - Download

Online Gallery Maker
The Online Gallery Maker

The online gallery maker is ideal for hobby photographers who want their very own and individual photo presentation, which is also easy to be displayed as a slide show. Especially the multitude of functions and the many setting options guarantee an optical highlight for picture presentations.

Web Photo Gallery Software - Settings and Adaptation

You have the possibility to set the font color and the background color with the online photo gallery software so that the online photo gallery fits to the design of your website
  • Size of the photos freely selectable in the online photo album
  • Number of photos in a row freely selectable for the online photo album
  • Subtitle under the photos are switchable to on/off in the photo gallery software
  • Gallery title freely selectable and can be switched on/off
  • Selection of different buttons for the photo gallery control with the photo gallery software

Free Online Gallery Software The online gallery freeware is practically self-explanatory. With just a few mouse clicks, the user easily selects the desired picture folder and determine the order of the pictures themselves in the display. With the online gallery maker freeware it is possible to create your own order without the annoying folder structure of Windows. Finally, the sequence of pictures are displayed in the correct time sequence and the user will tell a fluent picture story.

But with the web gallery software the user could do even more. It is also possible to label the photos individually and thus give each photo an individual text, which is immediately displayed on the right side of the preview window. Short text phrases such as "Vacation in New York 2019" give the pictures the necessary expressiveness to show what the picture is about. In the preview area on the right side of the program, the user also has the possibility to rotate or flip the photo to adjust the online gallery photos. Thus, upside down pictures belong to the past.

Photo Gallery Software to Create a Web Photo Gallery

Easy and professional web photo gallery software for building an online photo gallery with your own photos

Free Online Gallery Maker Using the online gallery maker freeware is very easy. It is easy to create a new web gallery. Here you have the chance to easily and quickly create an individual headline for your personal gallery and thus easily create a professional picture show. With the function "Create Online Gallery " the user has the possibility to customize everything according to his own needs.

The user individually specifies how many photos he would like to have displayed in a row, the width of the overview photos can be adjusted as required and the width of the original photos are also adjusted again. With the web photo gallery software, the user also chooses, for example, whether or not the text under the photos should be displayed, the file name is hideable or a frame can be added. All functions are easily selectable and clearly arranged for the user. After choosing the output, the user adjusts the background color and also the text color as he likes. There are no limits to the imagination. Also the output buttons are chosen by the user, whereby one could choose between three variants.

Free Online Gallery Maker - Download

Below the function Create Internet page the creator is immediately shown the preview of the online gallery. Here you have the chance to check again if everything meets your wishes or if something could be improved. If everything is displayed correctly, the user has the option to put the gallery online in his preferred browser with just one click. Online gallery software could not be easier. Here the user switches from the slide show function to a manual picture show at any time to ensure the best possible view. So you then also view a picture a little longer.

Freeware Online Gallery Maker
Picture showing the Freeware Online Gallery Maker

Create An Online Photo Album with Online Photo Album Maker

The online photo album maker runs on the Windows operating system and creates an HTML image gallery for your website by using the create an online photo album procedure.
With the online photo album maker software it is very easy for everyone to create their own HTML image gallery using the create an online photo album function, with all possible settings and options available.

Simply select the pictures you want to have from your hard drive when create online photo album, then press a button and the online photo album maker procedure starts. Below is a description of the mighty and powerful tool for creating a web photo gallery.

Create An Online Photo Album

Create an online photo album with your Windows PC and show your pictures online by integrating them into your website with the HTML image gallery.
Before "create an online photo album", you also have the option to also specify the size of the images and how they should appear online. It is also possible to define the background color, text color and font so that the design of the HTML image gallery created with create online photo album fits your website perfectly. The number of pictures for the online photo album maker is unlimited.

Create An Online Photo Album - Freeware Download

Create An Online Photo Album
Create An Online Photo Album

Online Photo Album Maker to Generate an HTML Image Gallery

Use the online photo album maker to add as many stunning HTML image galleries as you want to your website.
The "online photo album maker" is freeware and can be used by anyone free of charge and for as long as desired. A well thought-out concept in the software makes the "create online photo album" task as easy as possible.

Online Photo Album Maker - Free Download

A preview is also integrated in the online photo album maker while handling the tool create an online photo album, which shows how the HTML image gallery will look like online. In general, you also do choose between a manually operated HTML image gallery or a slideshow, which then runs automatically. So there are no limits to your imagination with the online photo album maker.
Online Photo Album Maker
Online Photo Album Maker

HTML Image Gallery
HTML Image Gallery

Free Online Gallery Maker - The Individual Steps to Create an Online Photo Gallery for Your Own Website

Here are the steps to create your own online photo gallery with the photo gallery software
Online Gallery Freeware
  1. Create a new Gallery with the program Free Online Gallery Software OnGal10
  2. Select the folder on your hard disk where the desired photos are located and open it. The Source Window of the web gallery software will now display the photos that are on the hard drive.
  3. Keep the mouse button pressed and drag and drop the desired photos into the target Windows.
  4. The order of the pictures for the web photo gallery are changeable afterwards by dragging them back and forth with the mouse.
  5. You have the option add a subtitle to each photo if you wish (but you can also just leave out the subtitle)
  6. By setting the "Output Path" the user determines in which folder the online gallery should be created
  7. By pressing the button "Create online gallery" a finished online gallery in HTML format is created.
  8. Upload the created folder with the online photo gallery on your own webspace, using your FTP
  9. Link the uploaded folder from your website so that website visitors is able to start the web photo gallery.

Overview of the Features of Free Online Gallery Software OnGal10

The Free Online Gallery Software OnGal10 offers everything you need to quickly and easily create an online gallery for your own website with your own photos
  • Create your own online photo gallery for the website with the free photo gallery software
  • Manage as many online photo galleries as you like, for all your websites
  • Several different online photo galleries on one website possible
  • Format: slideshow online photo gallery
  • HTML image gallery
  • Format: Manually navigate the photos in the online photo album
  • Enlarging and reducing photos
  • Create an online photo album
  • Unlimited number of photos
  • Number of photos in a row freely selectable for the online photo album
  • Size of the photos freely selectable in the web gallery software
  • Online photo album maker
  • Title under the photos freely selectable and is switchable to on or off
  • Gallery title freely selectable and can be switched on/off
  • Selection of different buttons for the photo gallery navigation
  • Text and background color freely selectable (Adaptable to your website)
  • Creating the online photo gallery with drag and drop
Web Gallery Software
Picture shows the Web Gallery Software

The free photo gallery software makes it so easy to create your own gallery on the web. It has different sets of buttons for a better variety and it's even possible to change the background and text color, giving your gallery a personal touch or making it fit to your web site! The web photo gallery software is completely free and can be downloaded right here on this site.

Information About Create Web Photo Gallery with HTML Image Gallery

News 02/04/2023 - Data compression is to minimize our dots on a photograph to generate it really much easier to keep, what may make indicate them reduce clarity in a photo. Actually, the HTML image gallery buyers always obtain works most ideal is normally one that has been created by using their Windows in mind.

Photo Gallery Maker and HTML Slideshow Creator

News 01/31/2023 - That installation assistant can make a personal computer icon, in case people really want it, as well as may permit us to select a band skin in case that's what that remains of this software are actually adjusted to work with.
Unfortunately, this expert grade computer handling methods available are certainly being very matched to photo developers, online designers, photojournalists as well as wedding celebration professional photographers. When people expect photo gallery maker situated for instance a lot of that is mentioned listed here continue to applies, still many of their functions will probably be generally different.

Principles About Put a Photo Album Online with Photo Gallery Software

News 02/04/2023 - One other basic purpose in which is usually included in the amazing photo gallery software is definitely their picture album designer that is pretty simple to use. There really are actually lots of different means to web photo gallery from a photograph together with photograph generating it really will take weeks to produce it totally.