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Edit pictures with a PC very easy. FotoWorks XL allows anybody edit pictures and to make new creations from their photos in fun and interesting ways.
When you want to edit pictures with a software package that provides a huge range of options, the quality of the results should never be compromised. Thanks to the newly updated FotoWorks XL program, you can access a fully functioning image editor that produces truly professional results without the need to have expert knowledge in how to edit pictures.

Edit Pictures
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In order to successfully edit image control must be maintained at all times so that the end results look good. FotoWorks XL is an image editor that includes a useful 'undo' button that allows you to experiment freely with your editing techniques. Don't like the outcome of your chosen photo effects? Simply go back a step and try a different method. As well as the preset effects and auto enhancement options that are available, you can use manual effects that provide for a high level of user control. Edit photo and groups of images in batches or single - it is entirely up to the user's personal preference and the picture editing software.

Edit Pictures free download
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Edit Pictures Free Download - Windows Version

Edit pictures with a great variety of functions and effects and create unique new artworks! You'll see edit pictures Windows 10 is very easy!

Effects for pictures come in a variety of forms using FotoWorks XL. Drawing and retouching options are available, for example, as are color correction and picture morphing. Users are able to edit pictures by bringing multiple images together to create a new one, too. A handy photo collage maker is included in the software package that is ideal for creating things like greetings cards, calendars and images to upload to social media sites, for instance. What's more, the photo collage maker allows users to pick from vertical or horizontal formats when they create photo collage images. Indeed, you can create photo collage pictures using the photo collage editor that are sized according to the number of pixels used or by a physical measurement, such as mm or inches, depending on your individual preference. Users can even edit pictures simple here using the picture editor collage system with a number of photo frames and effects.

Edit Pictures Windows 10
Screenshot - Edit Pictures Windows 10

As well as the ability to edit pictures, FotoWorks XL provides you with a number of photo printing options, too. Report-style photo printing using thumbnail images can be achieved easily. It is simple to print pictures in albums or as posters and calendars, too, if wanted. Sending edited pictures via email is also possible, so you can share your editing techniques with friends and colleagues with ease. This function is particularly useful if you want to edit pictures with someone else who is also using the software package. It makes collaboration between image editors, graphic designers and copywriters working in different places a practical option, for example, as a picture editor with text functionality.