HTML Image Gallery Generator for Easy Presentation of Photos on Your Own Webpage

Everyone who runs his own website knows this: You want to create some photo galleries for your own website, but this takes a lot of time and patience. Also some skill is often required.
With the HTML image gallery generator OnGal10 these efforts are over.
With just a few simple steps you can create a comprehensive and individually designed online photo album and port it to your own website. Without any previous knowledge or much work you can present photo galleries on your website.

HTML Image Gallery Generator HTML Image Gallery Generator

First you open the HTML image gallery generator and assign a gallery title. Then you simply open the desired image folder and drag the images you want to have in the gallery simply by click & drop into the gallery. In the gallery itself, you can now drag the images into the correct order or rotate upside down images. Mirroring the images is also possible here. To give the gallery a clearer frame, you can add your own captions to the images, but this function can also be turned off. Now you can design the gallery as desired, so that you can present the photos online. Whether with a different background, different font colors or the design of the play buttons. The gallery can be adapted so to the own web page optimally, in order to produce a round picture.
With the help of the output path you can save the gallery to a desired location. Finally, one needs to press the "Create Online Gallery" button and one will get one's own online gallery in a convenient HTML format for creating online photo album.

This HTML image gallery generator is ideal especially for beginners, because creating your own photo gallery for your web presence is so easy and fast.
The extensive settings options give plenty of room for creative ideas. No matter whether you want to create one gallery or several galleries, with this freeware it is very easy. Also whether the gallery should be played as a scroll or as a slide show, the user can set him.
HTML image gallery generator OnGal10 gives the own website the right pizzazz and convinces the creator, as well as customers or friends, because you can easily create an online gallery for your homepage.